[Wine] Prince of Persia 2008 HowTo

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Sun Dec 28 02:24:21 CST 2008

On 2008-12-27 (Saturday) 18:49:07 James McKenzie wrote:
> vitamin wrote:
> > xaber1488 wrote:
> >> And how can I reset the changes done with winetricks? Simply removing
> >> the libraries overrides?
> >
> > Pretty much. Those dlls will still be around but Wine by default prefers
> > it's own dlls (in most cases).
> >
> > quote="xaber1488"]And to apply them again, should I use again the sh
> > winetricks comand?[/quote] Should work as well
> Actually, if you can do this, it is a best practice for installing new
> programs and tesing with Wine:
> ...
> cd $HOME
> mv .wine{,.backup}
> wine notepad
> This will create a new and clean .wine to work in.

	Better way (if all you want just to test something, for example to make sure 
that it worth installing in your primary ~/.wine Wine prefix or simply want to 
see if it works):

rm -rf ~/.wine-tmp
export WINEPREFIX=~/.wine-tmp

	You're done. You may install and test your program as usually.
	Some explanations... First command will make sure that old ~/.wine-tmp is 
removed (obviously if you know the path you are using for prefix doesn't 
exist yet you may skip it).
	Second will export path to Wine prefix which should be used by default in 
*current session* and for *current shell* instance *only*.
	This means if you try to run Windows program/installer in other shell where 
you didn't export path to Wine prefix you want to use or by double-clicking 
in file manager Wine will use default ~/.wine as usually.
	Optionally after doing "export WINEPREFIX=..." you may run "wineboot" 
(without quotes) to create the Wine prefix but as I said above 
you may skip this and run winecfg, wine setup.exe or something else with Wine 
(first Wine call will run wineboot automatically and create/update Wine 
prefix anyway).
	Creating Wine prefix "manually" (by running wineboot) only makes sense if you 
want, for example, to copy a DLL from Windows or make other manual changes to 
the prefix *before* running something with Wine in yet non-existing prefix 
(because, as explained before, Wine will create/update it for you 
automatically no matter what windows program (including winecfg) or installer 
you will try to run).
	Obviously if you like the result after installing and testing your program 
and want to use ~/.wine-tmp prefix for a long time with the program(s) you 
tested you probably want to rename it (to any name you like by using mv 
command). You can read more about using multiple Wine prefixes in the Wine 
documentation. Using multiple Wine prefixes is especially good practice if 
you are using a lot of Windows programs (for example, 10-20 or more) so you 
can divide them in isolated groups - by installing each group of Windows 
program in separate Wine prefix; this help to improve long-term stability.

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