[Wine] Audio mishap in Wine 1.0.1

Jerriy wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Dec 28 14:47:01 CST 2008

Just installed Wine (after installing the latest Linux Ubuntu) with the help of Gnome desktop's "application-add/remove" thingy.

but when the Wine configuration menu shows up, the tab "Audio" failed to get the sound right (despite ubuntu itself having detected and tested OK for sound)

Then the config. suggested for me to "select one of the following sound drivers":

NAS and/or

I tested all of them (pressed the provided "test sound" button) but all of the drivers resulted in a negative "Audio test failed" pop-up dialogue.

Then I proceeded to press the button right next door ("control panel") and that resulted in another negative message that launching it "was not implemented yet".

My questions are:

1, Why does the Audio tab not behave like the other tabs of the config. It looks as if it's about to hang. Then after a few seconds those above mentioned sound drivers show up on a list.

2, What does it all mean (audio test failed) it failed to detect sound drivers or that it failed to implement it's own drivers (i.e. alsa, oss and what not) or something else?

3, What needs to be done now (I'm new to Linux so I don't even know whether this is an issue of missing components, configuration mishap or a bug).

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