[Wine] Problem installing latest version of Wine to Ubuntu (8.10)

Rico2005 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Dec 28 16:14:56 CST 2008

Hi, I am a nooby to Linux...I recently installed Ubuntu (8.10) to my PS3, in hopes of installing my Windows games (i.e. Steam, Call of Duty, etc.)...I've been researching linux applications that allow me to install Windows based applications, which is how I came across Wine...

I followed the step by step procedures on how to install the latest version of Wine to Ubuntu 8.10 from [url]http://winehq.org/download/deb
I went to Applications > System > Software Sources...then added the WineHQ APT Repository under Third Party Software...downloaded and installed Scott Ritchie's key and imported it through the "Authentication" tab...selected it...then clicked close...I reloaded the applications...but then I received the following error message:

Could not download all repository indexes

The repository may no longer be available or could not be contacted because of network problems. If available an older version of the failed index will be used. Otherwise the repository will be ignored. Check your network connection and ensure the repository address in the preferences is correct.

Failed to fetch http://wine.budgetdedicated.com/apt/dists/intrepid/Release
Unable to find expected entry  main/binary-powerpc/Packages in Meta-index file (malformed Release file?)

Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead.

Now, I am 200% sure my internet is working fine because my PS3 is directly connected to my router with an ethernet cable, and I am able to surf the internet fine while on my wireless laptop.

I have also tried to manually install Wine by entering the Command Line Instructions from http://winehq.org/download/deb ..I received the same error message through there, saying that some index files failed to download.

I even tried searching my Add/remove applications, but Wine is not listed in there, nor is it listed in my Synaptic Package Manager...

Can someone please help me install Wine to my PS3 (Ubuntu 8.10)?



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