[Wine] Guild wars, running in the backround.

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Sun Dec 28 16:51:41 CST 2008

knerpster wrote:
> James McKenzie wrote:
>> Is the program switching to the background and you want to play it?  You 
>> should be able to select the window simply by clicking on it and it 
>> should move to the foreground.
>> James McKenzie
> Ok, im not that retard. :P
> no, the process just isnt there, i have to kill the process to stop it stealing alot of ram and cpu.
There is a big difference between running in the background and no 
visible program.  I think you are describing the latter.  Unfortunately, 
I don't know the proper sequence to get information that would help at 
this time.  I do have a suggestion to look at the Applications Database 
entry for this program.  There may be suggestions on how to get this 
program to run properly.

James McKenzie

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