[Wine] Problem installing latest version of Wine to Ubuntu (8.10)

James Mckenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Sun Dec 28 17:34:54 CST 2008

>>Rico2005 wrote:
>> Hi, I am a nooby to Linux...I recently installed Ubuntu (8.10) to my PS3, in hopes of installing my Windows games (i.e. Steam, Call of Duty, etc.)...I've been researching linux applications that allow me to install Windows based applications, which is how I came across Wine...
>You can't. Wine does not emulate CPU. The PS3 has CPU that is not compatible with x86.
>Even if you succeed and compile Wine on your PS3 it will NOT run any windows program.


You are correct, but QEMU does emulate x86 based processors on the PowerPC platform.  I don't know how well, but I plan on asking someone who is working on that project.  I've already asked here.

James McKenzie

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