[Wine] Problem installing latest version of Wine to Ubuntu (8.10)

James Mckenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 29 09:43:31 CST 2008

>André H. wrote:
>> Yeah, but what about the Darwine Project???
>What about it? It's dead and never went out of early alpha stage.
It's not dead, yet.  The problem is that the folks who were working on it stopped.  I've asked about the Mac PowerPC to x86 emulator, Q[:kju] and am awaiting an answer from a very overworked developer.  Once I receive this answer, I may decide to attempt to create a Darwine build with the latest code and go from there.  It may be a while until all of the code will build and run properly.  
The code on the Darwine site is very, very old and contains many bugs that are now fixed in the current Wine builds.  This does not equate to a 'dead' project.

James McKenzie

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