[Wine] Trying to run (tweak) a few games on Wine

cdahmedeh wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Dec 29 19:22:56 CST 2008


I'm a relatively new user to Linux, it's only been two weeks since I'm using it. I'm trying to run two games right now : Halo and Live for Speed. Here are the issues for each.

Halo :
Performance in Halo is excellent, it's actually better in Linux than it was in Windows XP. Frame rate is good, looks like solid 60 FPS all the time. The only problem is the mouse movement is really choppy. I've tried to move the pointer with a USB Mouse and the Touchpad and they both have similar behavior. It feels like the mouse can only move on a grid of positions rather than whole screen. I've tried switching resolutions and using a virtual desktop and the same thing happens. 
Version of Halo being used : Halo Custom Edition 1.07

Live for Speed :
I've noticed that performance for this game was worse than Windows XP. I was able in Windows XP to race with multiple cars at 60FPS. Now in Linux, at the same track, and the same amount of cars, I can't do more than 30FPS, which isn't good enough for me as I'm very sensitive to low framerate. Are there any tweaks that are known to increase performance in DirectX8 games ? Also, trying to register the game gives the message : "Cannot find Windows Product ID". Everything else works fine though.
Version of Live for Speed : Live for Speed S2Z

Specifications :
Wine 1.1.11
Ubuntu Linux 8.10 Intrepid Ibex
Dell XPS m1530
Intel Core 2 Duo T7500 2.2 GHz, 4MB Cache
nVidia GeForce 8600m GT 256MB DDR3

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