[Wine] Complaints about text size setting

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Tue Dec 30 17:20:47 CST 2008

I just ran across a nice little summary of problems with
Ubuntu from somebody who set up a machine for an
older friend a while ago, and has been maintaining it ever since.

English robotranslation:

"Probleme mit der Einstellung der Schriftgröße
Da man mit Mitte 50 nicht mehr so gute Augen hat, musste die
Schriftgröße des Systems angepasst werden. Für GNOME ist das kein
Problem: rechte Maustaste auf den Desktop und Schriftgrößen ändern.
... [Bei] WINE: Man kann dort zwar auch die Schriftgröße ändern, aber
wird die Schrift zu groß, wird immer mehr von den Buchstaben von unten
abgeschnitten und irgendwann kann man gar nichts mehr lesen. Argh!
Auch WINE-Anwendungen sollten die Schriftgröße des Systems automatisch

"Problems with setting text size
Since eyes don't work so well once you hit your mid-50's, the text
size of the system has to be adjusted.  For Gnome, that's no problem;
right click on the desktop and change the font size.  .... But with
Wine, although you can change the font size, it becomes too big, and
more and more of the letters are cut off at the bottom, and at some
point, you can't read anything anymore.  Argh!   Wine applications
should automatically use the system's text size settings!"

The frustrating thing about text size settings in Wine is that they're
not universal... the screen resolution setting in winecfg (which I
assume he was trying) doesn't control everything, e.g. menu items and
text in Notepad.  It would be nice if we at least had a winecfg
setting for that, too.

(While playing around, I noticed that our wordpad doesn't behave
well, and filed http://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=16686
for one problem.)

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