[Wine] Re: playing with Wine on Cygwin

oiaohm wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Dec 31 07:59:57 CST 2008

I did not tell you the biggest issue David.  Why some have going the visualization path.

Wine program loader will not work with windows.

Direct x implementation should work on windows with some tweaking all ready.  Wined3d is used with a virtualisation solution with windows to send direct X to opengl so it can be passed threw.

http://winehq.org/status/porting  Kinda out of date and needs updating as well.   Yes it has not been updated for like 2.5 years.

For testing wine test suite should already build under mingw.

Cygwin virtual posix can cause headaches past what you can dream.   To get wine working on windows well will require lots of work.

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