[Wine] One application that I would like to see work.

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Fri Feb 8 10:09:50 CST 2008

On 08/02/2008, A. Tres Finocchiaro <tres.finocchiaro at gmail.com> wrote:
> Opera only works for certain platforms and closed source, so its inherently
> a disease to the idea behind Linux.

I will not get into a religious debate with you. As an end user, I use
the products that fit my workflow, regardless of philosophy. And I pay
what they cost. I use Linux because it is a tool that does what I need
better than the alternatives. I use Opera because it is a tool that
does what i need better than the alternatives. Actually, I'm using
Firefox at the moment because with certain extensions, it fits my work
better than Opera.

> In some cases, its worth paying for pre-compiled versions of proprietary
> software for linux.  IBM does this for x86 for their lotus notes
> application, and also for their iSeries Client access.


> I'm not saying I don't support the idea, but that company's site looks like
> they're relatively small.  To ask a community to bombard them with emails is
> rude and selfish.

I understand the point, based on the size of the company. However, I
think that we should start telling these companies that we need Linux
solutions, instead of crying that they ignore us. Of course they
ignore Linux users. _We_ need to contact _them_.

> Photoshop is on a different scale, it is a standard, and part of today's
> every-day vocabulary.  Using photoshop as an example of an application that
> you "don't use", but "still request linux support for" is a weak argument.

I find the Gimp find for the little work that I do. However, I am
aware that people exist who were raised on Photoshop and need that
tool. I'm even enough of a jerk to help them by contacting Adobe and
backing them up. And you know what? I've already resolved myself to
trying Photoshop again (last used version 5.5) when it's available on
Linux. I'll buy the software if I see that it is an improvement over

> There is certainly a contradiction between "runs on Linux" and "closed
> source" Linux and the Open Unixes are the only widespread PC operating
> systems to change Kernels on a monthly basis, and they're the only thing out
> that can be compiled to run on any platform.  As long as new platforms are
> developed, more requests for precompiled close source applications will
> surface, and you will again be sending this SPAM email to a bunch of people
> that don't program their own joysticks.

Again, you are mixing philosophical interests that I am unwilling to
take part in. Sorry. I do understand the need for a free, open OS as
well as I understand the need to cure cancer, feed Asia, save the
endangered insect of the month, and fight global warming. I will
support all those causes in the little ways that I can. But I will not
argue about them. Nor is this the place for it.

Dotan Cohen


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