[Wine] Running Delorme 2006 under WINE

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at sprintpcs.com
Mon Feb 11 07:44:14 CST 2008

Charles Morrison wrote:
> James McKenzie wrote:
>> Charles Morrison wrote:
>>> February 10, 2008
>>> I am running Delorme Street Atlas USA 2006 Plus under 32 bit Kubuntu 
>>> 7.10 using WINE 0.9.54.
>>> When Delorme starts as Windows NT 4.0, I get the following:
>> Why are you using such an old Windows operating system (OS) version?  
>> WindowsXP would be more preferable as the OS version, as work 
>> continues to improve program compatibility with it.  Please retest 
>> with WindowsXP as the Windows OS version.
>> If these errors continue, please file a bug report on the Bugzilla.  
>> Please let us know what OS you are using Wine with and what 
>> functionality you are attempting to use and what you did to cause the 
>> problem.  I would not expect errors under WindowsNT 4.0 to be corrected.
>> James McKenzie
> Thanks for your reply.
> First, I installed Delorme as win98 default then tried it under win98. 
> The error message indicated I should use Win 4.0 so I did and this is 
> the message I got.
> So, I am not sure whether I should reinstall the whole package under a 
> different version of Windows, or just change the Windows version and 
> try to run it. I have noticed in past times that installing under 
> different Windows versions does change the installation and does 
> influence operation.

> Example, I tried to install Delorme under Windows 2000 (a year or so 
> ago) and the install locked up. Then I tried Windows 98 and it not 
> only installed, but mostly worked. So my default install operating 
> system now is Windows 98 since it will install.
> My question is should I uninstall Delorme and reinstall under XP, or 
> just change the version for Delorme in Winecfg and run it under XP?
Try to change the Windows version for the Delome program only using 
> I am running Delorme Street Atlas USA 2006 Plus under 32 bit Kubuntu 
> 7.10 using WINE 0.9.54.
Thank you for this information.  Also, please update the Applications 
database with your findings.

James McKenzie

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