[Wine] unimplemented parameters for int21, ax=0x440d

Rayne Olivetti rayneolivetti at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 20 16:43:11 CST 2008

I have a game that is not working under wine (it just
seem to hang up with a black screen, though when I try
to close the program, confirmation dialog for quitting
appears). Output solely says it's executing an
interrupt with unimplemented parameters in wine:

err:int21:INT21_Ioctl_Block int21: unknown/not
implemented parameters:
int21: AX 440d, BX 001a, CX 0848, DX fbac, SI fc10, DI
fbec, DS 0000, ES 0000

Just had a look at
http://www.ctyme.com/intr/rb-2896.htm It turns out
that it's a lock state set for a disk drive (drive

Should I except to see it working someday?

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