[Wine] Web Forums

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Sat Feb 23 02:59:49 CST 2008

On Saturday February 23 2008 00:20:57 Jeremy Newman wrote:
> There still seems to be an issue with it putting [Wine] in the subject
> line. I think this is because it expects the prefix to really be
> [wine-users]. Maybe we should change the prefix.
> If I had my way I'd drop the prefix entirely. I filter off of the
> message headers, but I'm sure that would upset some mailing list
> subscribers.

	Personally I don't see good technical reasons for such prefixes. As far as I 
know all popular e-mail clients have filters that are capable of sorting 
incoming mail without need of prefixes in the subject. And many mailing lists 
don't have any kind of prefix in the subject anyway. IMHO, prefix can be 
safely removed. If someone use prefix in the subject field they should fix 
their configuration. BTW, wine-devel and wine-patches don't use prefix so I'm 
wonder why wine-users use it...

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