[Wine] Re: Windows Kernel & Executive implementation

Fireball wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Feb 23 03:29:06 CST 2008

Alan McKinnon wrote:
> But prior access to competing, proprietary closed-source code puts FLOSS 
> projects at increased legal risk, especially when the closed-source 
> company is making serious public statements about starting law suits 
> over patents. Double especially when that company is Microsoft.
> -- 
> Alan McKinnon
> alan dot mckinnon at gmail dot com

As for ReactOS, this automatically means person's inability to submit code to the main tree, like it happened to a few our developers who got a job at Microsoft now.

I didn't really want to touch this flammable topic about ReactOS, and was just suggesting the *right* direction for exactly drivers development (like CaptiveNTFS for filesystems drivers, etc). But since 
1) Volodymyr has access to proprietary Windows source code and
2) Volodymyr thinks, that even having the same #define names and values from public DDK in ReactOS DDK is a violation of Microsoft's copyright
I think it would be hard to work out anything useful from this.

Thanks anyway.

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