[Wine] new stuff

fabio benetti royal_kivex at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 23 15:25:14 CST 2008

ive' been trying to make it work but so  far it is hard, i think wine isn't ready for such thing.
It is a website that you can only load by internet explorer,  and after log in, you click on "game start" to run the game ( it is the only way to run the game and it is installed on the machine, its like a security system ) but actually that dont works with wine (i am mandriva user)
I am asking you because none helped me so far, could you please take a look? it demands a lot of information to get things runing people say, maybe a new version with that.
the site is totally in japanese, link: http://game.netmarble.jp/cpsite/darkeden/
the game is Darkeden
the company is Netmarble ( they also work with other kind of games )
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