[Wine] Starcraft with wine 0.9.46 (Ubuntu 7.10)

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at sprintpcs.com
Mon Feb 25 07:35:23 CST 2008

vitamin wrote:
> A little search points to this still open bug 5253 (http://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=5253).
> This bug is also linked to each Startcraft version listed in  Application DB (http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=72). Please check open bugs in AppDB first.
I am of the opinion that the Applications Database and Bugzilla should 
be more closely related and that a bug reported in Bugzilla should 
automagically appear in the Applications Database entry for the 
product.  If there is no AppDb entry, the bug will be rejected, on 
input, because there is no entry.  This allows better searches for bugs, 
howtos and workarounds.  At the present time, you have to manually add 
bugs to the Applications Database and some users and testers, myself 
included, have forgot to do this or due to time constraints did not do it. 
> The only known workaround for this is to use hacky patch(es) from above mentioned bug.
Yuck!  I HATE hacky patches and asking users to implement them.  I hope 
that someone is looking into fixing this in a sensible fashion from the 
development side.
> James McKenzie wrote:
>> Also, if you are going to FLAME someone, do it OFF THE LIST. In the future, I will NOT BE SO NICE.
> Sorry about that. I'll try to use  PM instead. 
Please do.
> Please in the future try to dig a bit dipper into the problem before sending people to bugzilla.
I was not aware of this situation.  I definitely will look further 
before sending users to the bugzilla.
> Developers don't need to deal with user problems.
Users are the REASON developers exist.  Without them, all of us on this 
project have no reason to exist.  If you PM me, I can tell you what 
happened to me recently when users decided to leave a product.
>  And perform the same research over and over again. 
Now this is a real problem.
> Bouncing users around from mail-list/forum to bugzilla and back doesn't help anyone.
And does not make a happy user. 

Thank you for your suggestions.


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