[Wine] Re: Wine and PalmDesktop

henky wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Feb 25 14:28:46 CST 2008

At first i thought: wow, so many answers, there must be a solution :-)
... but then (nearly) all about legal notices ;-)

@ Barry Jelbert: Thank you for your very quick reply! I use 4.1.4. PalmDesktop. As i can see in the AppDB this one isn't supported :-(
I use linux for only 5 weeks and therefore i don't think that i'm able to trick around that much...
@vitamin: i think that is what i'm going to do. but i need the "categories" and j-pilot does't sync that feature :-( do you know a solution? ok this a wine forum, but you wrote that much about legal notes ;-) and i'm just asking...

Thank you

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