[Wine] vbrun300.dll

vigo wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Feb 25 19:55:53 CST 2008


Recently i install "Ford Microcat". It's database of spares for Ford =)
So, it had been installed without efforts.
Now, when i try to run:

#wine c:\\Microcat\\microcat.exe

there is some errors:
1. first of all - it can't be registered vbrun300.dll
in console was message:

"Could not load 'VBRUN300.DLL' required by 'MICROCAT', error=11"

but - i don't know how - vbrun300.dll was registered (by various manipulations,maybe) and we have new error:
2. it's string on console something like:

fixme:ole:CoCreateInstance16 ({.................   ), stub!
and standard windows message box with message "OLE Automation server cannot create object".

Now, i can't register or unregister this vbrun300.dll by regsvr32.exe - 
(message "Failed to load DLL VBRUN300.DLL").

And, importantly, i can't run Microcat.exe.

It seems like this program write on VB3, 'case google says that in VB4 vbrun300.dll was replaced by vb40032.dll. 

Any ideas how to fix it? I wonna use this Microcat under FreeBSD.

All needed  information about my system and errors - just ask.

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