[Wine] Font anti-aliasing in wine?

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Re: [Wine] Font anti-aliasing in wine?

I'm not reading your entire post.

Apply a stock windows theme with winecfg and pick cleartype fonts.

If you don't know what I mean, find a copy of this theme:

Then do this:

winecfg >> Desktop Integration >> install.

Warning though, it can really bog some things down, but you *did *ask for
it. :)


On Mon, Feb 25, 2008 at 10:05 AM, hasi <wineforum-user at winehq.org> wrote:

> One of the things that DOES make a big difference for me is
> font-antialiasing (AA). (OK, maybe I am picky). Does anyone have
> experience/knowledge on that subject?
> What surprises me is that for a few fonts (BitStream Vera Sans, for
> instance), it is active, whereas it is completely absent for most 
> Why is that? (BTW, I just found out that I get the best results so far 
> the new MS font "Corbel"--I admit not a very "free" solution, but a
> practical one. I now have set this as the default font for menus, 
> etc.)
> For instance, in the Word documents I am editing, AA kicks in above a
> certain font size (or document magnification/zoom), but seems to be 
> off below. Is that a parameter that can be set somewhere? Also, in a 
> document, if I select a magnification which renders a certain font with 
> the same characters would not be AA'ed for italic letters. ???
> The AA I have seen happen in wine is a simple AA only ("grayscale").
> Ultimately, of course, one would like to see subpixel-AA (like ClearType 
> Windows) in wine applications, which is now widely available on linux
> through freetype2. Can that be switched on in wine?
> Any thoughts/ideas/knowledge about AA under wine would be interesting.
> Thanks very much.
> --hasi.

- Tres.Finocchiaro at gmail.com
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