[Wine] Re: Mailing list <-> forum gateway

Peter wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Feb 27 23:28:20 CST 2008

Yea. I miss here on the Forums messages how to post threads.

Maybe we could block typical titles like "Help me" when posting here on Forums.

Note the forum is new and has just started. I hope the problem get better since I like the Idea of combining mailing lists and Forums.

> Please check the forum rules before sending a new problem:
> -Search in Google before asking.
> -Write a descriptive title.
> -Write correctly.
> -Don't publish your question in more than one forum.
> -If you find the solution to your problem send advise of which it was.
> -For more information read the forum rules. (link to forum rules). 

Good Idea!


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