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FatButtLarry wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Feb 28 21:14:55 CST 2008

David Gerard wrote:
> Asking people with phpBB experience, the main things you need are:
> 1. captcha or similar for account registrations
> 2. moderate all registrations that make it past that
> 3. mods who like phpBB forums and catch and block as needed the people
> who make it past that.
> Some moderation on the gateway to the list would be useful as well.
> I use Akismet on my WordPress blog and it's fantastic. There's a phpBB port:
> http://www.eadz.co.nz/blog/article/phpbb-akismet.html
> - though I know that a lot of wine-users posts get caught by my
> various spam filters (presumably because there's so much spam for
> warez copies of Windows programs), so I'd review and train it
> carefully.
> Various other ideas:
> http://forums.digitalpoint.com/showthread.php?t=57141
> http://boonedocks.net/mike/archives/49-PHPBB-Member-List-Link-Spam.html
> http://boonedocks.net/mike/categories/9-PHPBB
> http://www.phpbb.com/community/viewtopic.php?t=427852
> (I am not volunteering as a mod myself!)
> - d.

Might be worthy of a topic-split, and sorry to respond so late, but captcha is garbage IMHO.  It filters out people who have a hard time seeing and frustrates 10x the amount of people that it actually filters.  And its not like computerized text recognition is a thing of the future.

What I've been impressed with is settable questions that make you prove you are human, like "what is this a picture of?" and show a wine bottle.  Or make people solve a word puzzle.  Heck, it might make registering for accounts fun instead of a PITA.  Unfortunately, the world enjoys scrambling letters into unreadable checkered psychedelic images.


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