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Wed Feb 20 09:39:33 CST 2008

I could, however, try to "force the appearance" of the covered window by pointing at the window list while I keep alt-tab pressed. If I manage this weird keyboard/mouse combo, the sunken window stays on top till I release alt-tab; if I click on the raised window title bar, AT TIMES (but not always!) I can make the window stay on top, but at the same time the fullscreen app will minimize itself!
Sometimes, trying to pull this trick, the X11 interface freezes completely (as if nothing had the focus anymore!) and I must VT-switch and kill the WINE app to regain control of the X server.

The rest of relevant info about my system:

	Athlon XP 2500+, 2GB RAM, linux kernel

	nvidia GeForce 6600GT, binary drivers 169.12

	Xorg, WindowMaker 0.92.0

Is there a known workaround to restore the old behavior? Or this seems like a bug with WINE I should further investigate and report in the appropriate place (bugzilla/appDB)?

Thank you all in advance.

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