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Wed Feb 20 09:39:33 CST 2008

> Can I install Microsoft .NET or an application that needs it?
> Currently .NET apps do not run in Wine mainly due to the fact that .NET itself (1 or 2) will not install in Wine. You can try installing Mono but that only works for a fraction (read <1%) of programs so at the moment you are better off finding an alternative program or waiting until .NET is implemented in Wine one way or another.
> You may still want to check out the .NET and Mono AppDB entries for more information.

If both .NET 1.1 and 2.0 are now installable (via winetricks at least) that makes this portion of the FAQ out of date.  However, from what I gather working .NET applications are still rather scarce.  Is that assessment correct?

If I have an application written for .NET 1.x will the 2.0 runtime meet that application's .NET requirements?  Is there a point to having both installed?  Does the 1.0 runtime work any better than the 2.0 runtime?

Beyond the FAQ, the MicrosoftDotNet  and possibly Mono-Wine bridge Wiki pages would seem to need a few touch-ups.   Where possible FAQ topics should serve as a jumping place to additional information.  Once updated, these two articles would be good candidates for FAQ mention.

So, I guess, consider this a request for discussion, and/or a nudge for Wikiing.  Thanks in advance.

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