[Wine] Can I use a static build to install on an obsolete target?

Paul Jackson sa212+wine at cyconix.com
Thu Jan 3 06:54:34 CST 2008

For complex reasons, I need to run Wine on RedHat 7.2 (which dates from 
about 2001, kernel 2.4.7). The wine that shipped on 7.2 is pretty much 
unusable (for me); I have issues with keyboard input and fonts, the 
Windows app doesn't run, it uses the old-style config file, and so on.

I figured that installing a more recent binary RPM would lead to all 
sorts of dependency problems, and I need to keep the base system as 
close as possible to the original 7.2 spec (it's for testing).

So, my next plan was to compile the sources, but the current sources no 
longer compile on a system this old (for example, OpenGL was at v1.1, 
which configure considers to be 'current', but the source appears to 
require something more recent).

Plan C is to compile a static (native) version of the current wine 
sources on an i386 Fedora box, and just to copy the binaries over to the 
target 7.2 box. configure with a --prefix should, in principle, make it 
easy to do this.

Before I do this (or waste a couple of days trying!), can anyone tell me 
if they can think of any potential problems? Presumably wine can be 
built completely statically? I'm not sure how, but I guess setting some 
env variables or configure options should be enough to do this.

Thanks -


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