[Wine] unimplemented function gdiplus.dll.GdipGetGenericFontFamilySansSerif

Kevin Horton khorton01 at rogers.com
Thu Jan 3 17:54:44 CST 2008

I'm trying to install My Siruis Studio (to access a Sirius satellite  
radio) with Wine 0.9.52 on in Intel iMac running OS X 10.5.1.  This  
application requires MS .NET Framework 1.1, so I tried installing Mono  
1.26 instead.  This allowed the My Siruis Studio installation to  
complete, but an attempt to run My Siruis Studio fails immediately with:

Call from 0x7b830330 to unimplemented function  
gdiplus.dll.GdipGetGenericFontFamilySansSerif, aborting
err:seh:setup_exception stack overflow 0 bytes in thread 000b eip  
7bc35267 esp 00411000 stack 0x411000-0x620000

Googling gdiplus.dll.GdipGetGenericFontFamilySansSerif produces no  
hits, nor does a search of the Wine bugs.

Does this error message suggest any obvious things to try next, or  
does it mean that this is hopeless, and I should give up with this  
version of Wine?

Kevin Horton
Ottawa, Canada

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