[Wine] Winecfg does not notice my headphones - only mic (USB Headset) / No 'Mixer Devices' in Alsa - only OSS

Jared Taylor wraythes at gmail.com
Thu Jan 3 20:58:30 CST 2008


I've been struggling to get everything going fine for a while now.
Finally I can talk clearly and hear people.

Problem is it was coming through my speakers connected to an external
USB Sound Card; if I set it to come through my USB Headset, it comes
through speakers anyway.

I unplugged USB sound card and restarted computer.

Now I tried again. This time I simply do not hear sound. Winecfg shows
no "Wave In Devices" under Alsa. Only OSS.

Alsa, I can't use Alsa simply because if I do my mic wont work due to
alsa showing no "Mixer Devices".

So either I need to make winecfg realize that I have a USB headset and
not just microphone AND make alsa in winecfg realize that I have mixer
devices. I have no idea where to begin and google holds no answers, nor
does the irc server. Thanks.

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