[Wine] Ubuntu + Wine = Can't See My WoW :(

tparker tparker at etherstorm.net
Fri Jan 4 14:34:43 CST 2008

Michael S. Peek wrote:
> Software:
> The latest Ubuntu
> Wine 0.9.52 from winehq.org
> Acer Aspire 9410z
> Intel 945GM/GMS, 943/940GML Express video controller

Hmmm. I assume you have already checked to be sure you have the latest 
stable drivers for your graphics card, I have no experience with Intel 
graphics cards but that does seem to be a common starting place with 
graphics problems in general.

When you start WoW are you forcing it to run in opengl? Most linux 
systems have trouble with the default format and improve greatly in opengl.

What version of windows is your wine set to? Try changing it between XP 
and 98 and see if either makes a difference. We set it at XP, but have 
had to switch to 98 to get updates to apply at times and I've seen forum 
posts of people saying they get better performance on their hardware in 98.

Sorry if that is all stuff you have already tried or doesn't help.

wine 9.47
Ubuntu Dapper/FC6

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