[Wine] How to allocate *.chm help files to hh.exe within wine ?

Jürgen j.wolf at safe-mail.net
Fri Jan 4 15:27:35 CST 2008


I have sucessfully installed wine-0.9.52, ies4linux and TwoDFrame.exe, a nice 
static calculation program. This program uses a *.chm help file, but it fails 
to access it.
I found a help viewer hh.exe within the windows directory. Standalone on a 
console the help file works fine, namely by

wine hh TwoDFrame.chm

The TwoDFrame program itselfs seems me to try to start the help viewer via 
start.exe but it fails. I tried it via console:

wine start TwoDFrame.chm

and I got an error message:

"Es konnte keine Anwendung gestartet werden, oder es ist keine Anwendung mit 
der angegebenen Datei verkn�pft."

This means, *.chm files are not allocated to the application hh.exe.

Now my question:
How I can do an allocation of *.chm to hh.exe?

Could anybody help me ?


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