[Wine] Error when program tries to file report

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at sprintpcs.com
Sun Jan 6 19:22:41 CST 2008

Evil Jay wrote:
> That looks like the application reporting a WinSock error to me.  11001
> means that it couldn't resolve the name of the machine to which the
> application was trying to connect.  If this is happening with an old
> application when the program tries to file a report, perhaps the company
> no longer has a DNS entry for the machine that used to accept the reports.
> -J
Troubleshooting steps to take in this case is to open a terminal session 
and use nslookup to see if the machine's name can be resolved using 
network DNS resources.  If this is so, then it is time to run the 
program with
Winedebug=+winsock wine program.exe >WHOut_program.exe.log 
from the directory where program.exe is installed and not from the wine 
program directory.  This will create two log files in the program 
directory.  The first is output from Wine that is not shown on the 
screen and the second is program errors from Wine.  If winsock is not 
connecting, the error log should give you some idea of what is 
happening.  It could be possible that Wine cannot connect to the 
Linux/UNIX Internet services because the user running Wine is not 
allowed to do so. 

Hopefully, this will help troubleshoot the problem.  If you are unable 
to figure out what is happening, please open a bug report on the Wine 
Bugzilla.  Please do include the name of the program, if it a 
downloadable version is available, the version of Linux/UNIX that you 
are using, and most importantly, the version of Wine you are using.  If 
you are not using Wine 0.9.52, please attempt to get and use it first 
before filing the report as your problem may be solved with this version.

James McKenzie

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