[Wine] Debug data for Wine, DirectX and games.

Wine Swine wineswine at gmail.com
Tue Jan 15 20:38:02 CST 2008

Hi there wine list this is not going to be a request for help as much as
it's a request for how I can help the wine developers.  I've got some
time over the next couple of weeks and a stack of applications I want to
see if I can get running under wine. 

I thought if I started testing a whole bunch of things I might be able
to gather some useful test data for the wine developers as a way to get
familiar with the guts of debugging wine, debug flags etc. So what I'm
trying to do is get some advice on is what the best way to aggregate the
data into something that would be most useful for the wine development
team, apart from submitting bug reports and putting the apps into the
appdb, to help. I was thinking something like 

cat app_wine_debug_outputs | sort | uniq > aggregated_bug_report

to try and establish the most common problems with the things I install.
This did not seem to quite fit into the qa guidelines 


when I read them, so I thought I'd ask the list for some advice.  I
don't actually care if the apps run or not, just the common test data.

At first I'm going to go after as many games as I can get my hands on
and focus on graphics(y) things first to make the linux gaming
experience better for the kids (Oh and probably some app's my girlfriend
uses too).

I'm a long time linux user (since about 1996 and *ix back to 1987), I
can code in C, and I've configured the graphics card properly on my
machine and been doing the compile/install/uninstall cycle of most wine
versions since about 0.9.30. I use fedora (7) and the machines profile
can be view here...


I've been lurking and maintaining the odd application I started by
maintaining Star Wars: Empire at war
(but I still can't get it working under fedora!!!)

My ISP is offering me unmetered downloads so if anyone wants me to
download one of the trial games here (and there are a lot)


drop me an email with a link and I'll give it a go. Maybe the appdb
already does this but my goal is to try and locate the most common wine
bugs across as broad a range of games I can get, I've noticed some
common things to do with gecko for example.

I've already installed a bunch of games and will be updating the appdb
and bugzilla shortly. I'm hoping I can make some useful contribution.
Thanks all. 

Games installed so far
Star Wars Battlefront
Star Wars Republic Commando
Star Wars Empire at War
After the end
Battlestar Gallactica
Luxor 3
The Arcade
Math Blaster 6-8

About to install
Rogue Spear
Rome:Total War

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