[Wine] Wine - doesn't do networking

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Wed Jan 16 16:53:30 CST 2008

On Wednesday January 16 2008 19:24:55 Jose Basutto wrote:
> Hi L. Rahyen, thank you so much for wanting to help me,
> first: I have the latest version of WINE, 0.9.53 which i installed on
> Fedora 7 second: I want to run ACD Labs, which has installed ok until it
> needed the activation through the server Also, I want to run SciFinder
> which needs a conection to search (is a science database) third, the
> conection that I have is basically I'm conected to the net in a building
> part of a university, so I don't know anymore unfortunately.

	Do you know what ports your applications are trying to use? If your network 
have firewall then it is possible that it can block some ports. Sometimes in 
such networks only ports for e-mail and web-browsing are allowed.
	Is there URL where a demo or full version of any application you have tried 
can be downloaded? I can test this myself and tell you is this a bug in WINE 
or not.
	Also it would be useful if you attach terminal output from WINE 
when running one of your applications with this problem.

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