[Wine] Photoshop leaving toolboxes behind

Stephen Gentle lists at stephengentle.com
Sun Jan 20 06:41:43 CST 2008

On further inspection, this seems to happen only when the Photoshop 
window is maximised when I close it. I usually maximise it on startup 
because I prefer working like that.

If I don't change the size of the main window, it exits normally.

Stephen Gentle wrote:
> Hi,
> I was going to file a bug report for this, but I thought I'd check here
> first, because I'm not sure if this is a wine bug, or something to do
> with Photoshop or Compiz.
> Most times when I close Photoshop CS2, I'm getting the one or more of
> the tool pallets left behind on my desktop. I have found no way to get
> rid of them - apart from restarting the X server. I tried xkill but it
> just hits whatever is underneath.
> Is this a known bug? I couldn't find a bug report.
> I assume that it's Wine (or Photoshop) because I've never seen a native
> application do this.
> Here's an example - just the colour swatch has stayed this time -
> http://stephengentle.com/downloads/wine-compiz-error.png
> -Stephen Gentle

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