[Wine] cant find libGL.so with wine 0.9.52

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Sun Jan 20 13:40:30 CST 2008

On Sunday January 20 2008 16:44:31 Michael D. Johnson wrote:
> I've run into a small problem with the current release.
> initial load of VirtualDubMod  (I've always used wine for it) but when I
> try to have it read a file the startup window starts screaming for about
> 800 lines it can't find libGL.so then gives up and GPF's on me.

	What happens if you run glxgears? In other words, is this problem with WINE 
only or global problem for any OpenGL application in the system? Did you 
compiled WINE yourself?
	As far as I know all videocards (including Intel with open-source driver) 
should work (maybe not always perfectly but at least basic 3D features 
should work) without problems and you definitely shouldn't have messages about 
missing OpenGL libraries.
	So it seems to me that your problem is some kind of 
misconfiguration... BTW, did you tried to reinstall your drivers?

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