[Wine] Newbie needs help

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at sprintpcs.com
Wed Jan 23 22:07:47 CST 2008

Graeme Nichols wrote:
> Douglas A. Whitfield wrote:
>> someone else can probably speak to this better than me but there is a 
>> .wine folder.  I don't have my Linux box on at the moment, so I can't 
>> tell you for certain.  do an ls -a on your home dir and see if anything 
>> wine related is there.  What you need to do is put the floppy contents 
>> in the correct folder on the fake Windoze install.  Let me know if that 
>> doesn't help and I'll fire up the other box and take a look.
> Hello Douglas, thank you.
> This may seem pretty dumb, but what is the fake Windoze install? The 
> only Windoze install I have is XP on my hda. My F8 is on hdb.
~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files is the directory I'm assuming the 'Fake 
Windows' drive.  You should put the files from CCW into 
~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/CCW and see if the program will run from 
there.  If the program installs to C:\CCW then put it in 
~/.wine/drive_c/ccw  You will not need to map any drives as  wine 
'C:\ccw\<programname.exe> (put the program name in place of 
<programname.exe>) should run the program.

James McKenzie

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