[Wine] Problems when compiling MFC application

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Thu Jan 24 07:51:35 CST 2008

> This is my first post on the wine organisation mailing lists...

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> i am using the wine-0.9.53 latest version. Now i need to
> compile MFC applications with wine.
> when i tried to compile my sample application i am getting errors like
> <font size="2">[nagarjunab at ibi212 mfc_general_hello]$ make</font><br>
> <font size="2">wineg++ -c&nbsp; -mno-cygwin -I.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; -o hello.o hello.cpp</font><br>
> <font size="2">In file included from hello.cpp:17:</font><br>
> <font size="2">stdafx.h:13:20: afxwin.h: No such file or directory</font><br>

Why are you building MFC apps on Wine, btw?  If we
knew what your goal was, we could give better advice.

Perhaps you should try Visual C++ 6 instead of wineg++.
I've had good luck using that in wine.
See e.g.
- Dan

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