[Wine] One application that I would like to see work.

Saurian saurian at thelink.net
Sat Jan 26 11:34:40 CST 2008

Jim Hall wrote:
> On Jan 25, 2008 2:42 PM, Saurian <saurian at thelink.net 
> <mailto:saurian at thelink.net>> wrote:
>     http://www.chproducts.com/retail/tech_control_manager.html
>     The above is the last road block for me, into round filing my Win2k
>     partition.
>     Unfortunately, the way the joystick system works in Linux, I don't
>     think
>     this is even a possibility.
>     I need the above applications ability to map joystick switches to
>     keystrokes and the ability to combine axises with mathematical
>     functions.
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> Just for my own curiosity, is "CH" a brand of hardware or a standard 
> or both?
> Jim
CH is a brand name of joystick hardware. And the application in 
question, is their own in house controller which has the ability to map 
joystick switches to keystrokes via a HID compliant device, and it has 
the capability to create a virtual axis by performing math on 2 or more 
other axes.

I play a game that requires the 0 through 9 keys to change weapons. The 
game does not have the ability to map these to a joystick switch, 
itself. So I need the ability to do this through the above utility. I 
use peddles and I combine the left peddle axis with the right peddle 
axis to create one axis so I can use this to control forward and 
backward in the game.

The script that does this in the CH manager program, is:

    CMS.A1 = 128 + (JS2.A2/2) - (JS2.A1/2);

So obviously I use the CH manager program alot. It would really be nice 
if I could get it to work under wine, but I dont hold out any hope.
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