[Wine] Games for Intel graphics

Endre Oma endre.88.oma at gmail.com
Sat Jan 26 11:00:48 CST 2008

Hi, I'm new in this list.
As the title explains, I would like know which game that work in wine, 
with intel graphics. I've experinced that games like Heroes of Might and 
Magic III won't work, but a game like Soldier of Fortune, which is a 
newer game, works.

If you know of a game that works in wine, please try to list them here, 
with additional tweaks as to how you got it to work, plus the usual info 
like: driver version, chipset, mesa version (the 3d library which wine 
(or x.org?) links to) and last, but not least the wine version. (maybe 
some of this is overkill, but I think it can be of necessity somewhere)

I hope I didn't ask for too much.

Endre Oma

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