[Wine] Games for Intel graphics

Markus Hitter mah at jump-ing.de
Sat Jan 26 12:38:53 CST 2008

Am 26.01.2008 um 18:00 schrieb Endre Oma:

> As the title explains, I would like know which game that work in wine,
> with intel graphics. I've experinced that games like Heroes of  
> Might and
> Magic III won't work, but a game like Soldier of Fortune, which is a
> newer game, works.

Many people on this list consider the Intel 3D driver situation as  
hopelessly. Nevertheless, there are plenty of boards using GMA out  
there and they have easily enough power to do most of what people need.

> If you know of a game that works in wine,

I've tried Railroad Tycoon II, RRT 3 and Catia (not a game) and  
neither of them does anything useful. 3D in Linux directly is fine as  
far as I can tell. My current plan is to wait for the next release of  
Ubuntu, then to dive into this again. The new Ubuntu should have  
updated Intel drivers.

If you want to work on the issue now, I'd be glad to help you.


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