[Wine] Geoplan/Geospace almost works...

Nicolas FRANCOIS nicolas.francois at free.fr
Sat Jan 26 14:18:24 CST 2008


I'm a math teacher, and I would like to use Geoplan/Geospace under wine 
Problem is, the (non modal) dialog box behave badly. For example, as 
explained on the db page, the window can't be selected, no mouse action 
on it does anything, and worse, the property dialog can't be opened 
without crashing the app : it can't be closed, and the app refuses to 
close if any diakog box is still opened.

I really need this application to work, for it is quite unique on the 
market : geometry in space doesn't have many programs as does have plane 
geometry (geogebra, Cabri...).

The previous version of the app (GeospaceW) works OK, the dialogs behave 
normally. But I don't know if it's fully compatible with the last version.

What can be done to enhance the support of this app ?



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