[Wine] Wine Install and Uninstall Problems

Lex Middelberg lex at middelberg.co.za
Sun Jan 27 01:01:38 CST 2008

Greetings all.

I have been running Wine under Kubuntu Feisty for about the last four months, 
keeping it updated with the latest wine releases on a weekly basis, I use it 
to run WordPerfect.

Whilst WordPerfect didn't run flawlessly, I got it to work well enough to edit 
and save documents I work on at home.  In four months none of the updates to 
Wine changed anything in how WordPerfect worked.

Then a few weeks ago I upgraded Kubuntu to Gutsy by reinstalling everything 
from scratch,  I also inmstalled Wine off the disk which was wine version 

What a difference that made!  The improvements to how WordPerfect worked was 
impressive.  Now other software I use at the office also installed and worked 
nearly flawlessly (Timeslips 2005).  Before (up to version 0.9.50 it would 
not install under Feisty).  Strangely I passed through version 0.9.46 under 
Feisty without noticing any evidence of this impressive improvement.

Then I added the wine repository to my weekly updates and upgraded Wine to 
0.9.53.  WordPerfect and Timeslips still work as before but now Wine has 
changed the screen resolution of Windows applications to 800 X 600 and it 
removed all the Wine menu items off the KDE menu, only the links to the 
software remains.  Also the windows applications dialogue windows does not 
display everything that should be on them - for instance the OK/Cancel/Back 
buttons are invisible but they are there outside the box - if you can 
estimate where they are you can still click the unseen OK button.

Now I want to uninstall all the M$ Windows software and do a fresh reinstall 
to see if that will resolve the problem, but with upgrade to 0,9,53 Wine also 
removed itself from the KDE menu, leaving only the links to the windows 

I have tried removing and reinstalling wine with adept and it had no effect.

My questions are the following:

1.	Must I re-install the windows software with every wine upgrade to get the 
benefit of wine improvements - or was the change due to something in Gutsy?

2.	How do I get the wine options back onto the KDE menu?

3.	How do I *completely* uninstall the windows software using the comand line?  
I don't want a trace of the windows software to remain so that I can do a 
clean re-install from time to time.

4.	How do I change the screen resolution under wine back to something that's 
more functional?

Thank you.

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