[Wine] Wine Install and Uninstall Problems

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Sun Jan 27 01:44:12 CST 2008

On Sunday January 27 2008 07:01:38 Lex Middelberg wrote:
> 1.	Must I re-install the windows software with every wine upgrade to get
> the benefit of wine improvements - or was the change due to something in
> Gutsy?

	No, but *sometimes* you need if your WINE configuration (registry, for 
example) is broken for some reason. Also you can use new WINE prefix for new 
software and keep old one as is (if it works good enough for you) or try to 
install you software in fresh WINE prefix to see if it works better if 
installed from scratch or not (without touching your main WINE prefix(es) ). 
To do this, you can:

rm -rf ~/.wine-test
WINEPREFIX=~/.wine-test wineprefixcreate
WINEPREFIX=~/.wine-test wine setup.exe
cd ~/.wine-test/drive_c/Program\ Files/your_program/
WINEPREFIX=~/.wine-test wine your_program.exe

	Where "setup.exe" is the setup executable for your application, "Program 
Files/your_program/" is the installation directory and "your_program.exe" - 
its main executable.

	*	*	*

	Also, after upgrade it is usually good idea to update your existing WINE 
prefix. To do this, you need to run:


	This will update your existing WINE prefix directory (~/.wine by default).

> 2.	How do I get the wine options back onto the KDE menu?

	I do use KDE but do not use KDE menu to launch Windows software or anything 
esle related to WINE so I don't know, sorry. But at least you can edit/create 
menu items by hand. Maybe someone else suggest better approach.

> 3.	How do I *completely* uninstall the windows software using the comand
> line? I don't want a trace of the windows software to remain so that I can
> do a clean re-install from time to time.

	If you want to reinstall from scratch you need to run:

rm -rf ~/.wine


mv ~/.wine{,.backup}

	Where "~/.wine" is WINE prefix you want to (re)move and reinstall 
everything in it from scratch. After (re)moving it you need to run:


	...to recreate it.

> 4.	How do I change the screen resolution under wine back to something
> that's more functional?

	What do you mean by "change the screen resolution under wine"? Such changes 
can be made only by Windows software you run.

	If you are asking how to change your resolution with command line back to 
normal after WINE crash or something like that, you can use this command:

xrandr -s 0

	This will switch your display to default resolution.

	If you are asking how to change resolution of your WINE virtual desktop, run:


	Switch to "Graphics" tab and change desktop resolution as you want (if you 
don't use virtual desktop, this will not have any effect).

	Thank you for using WINE.

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