[Wine] Fun Wine Project -- Configure Some Default Registry Entries

Dave M DaveM at Mich.Com
Wed Jan 30 20:56:24 CST 2008

I have been thinking that this sort of thing should be part of wineconfig. 
Windows allows users to define what applications should open what documents 
and so should wine. But wine should also have the added benefit of allowing 
a choice of native or windows apps to be used. It was a major pain getting 
my windows apps to launch native firefox when links are clicked. It would 
be nice if this was built into wine.

Just my $.02


At 04:54 PM 1/30/2008 , Tres wrote:
>I renamed the shell script "winelaunch" to "winenative" to avoid confusion 
>with the "winelauncher" binary.
>It will need some work to dynamically use switches, like "-p" for printing 
>etc.  Any basic shell scripter could prob help me out with that one.  Let 
>me know if you can help.
>I've modified the native call to simply call on "gnome-open".  It 
>seamlessly opens any file you want natively.  I'd like to include samples 
>for kde, xfce, etc (or determine dynamically if that's a possibility).
>I've attached two files.  "word.reg" is a sample registry file.  Save it 
>to your desktop and do an import on it. Please note, the "-p" portion 
>won't work until the switches are sorted out, but won't do any harm.
>    #>  regedit /home/username/Desktop/word.reg
>The second file is the "winenative" shell script.  Save it to your 
>desktop, copy it to /usr/bin, and make it executable:
>    #>  sudo cp /home/username/Desktop/winenative /usr/bin/
>    #>  sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/winenative
>Then try to open a word document with your windows application.
>On Wed, Jan 30, 2008 at 7:40 AM, A. Tres Finocchiaro 
><<mailto:tres.finocchiaro at gmail.com>tres.finocchiaro at gmail.com> wrote:
>>My first post.
>>Fun Wine Project -- Configure Some Default Registry Entries
>>I've begun working on this to import some native calls into wine.  More 
>>specifically, OpenOffice.org.  I'm trying to get Lotus Notes attachments 
>>to display proper icons, and open natively with OOo.
>>I've come across a dilemma. I can't seem to "easily" open a Windows path, 
>>i.e. "C:\Windows\temp\test.doc" with openoffice due to path issues.
>>I've implemented a very small fix called "winelaunch", but I'm afraid the 
>>name is too close to "winelauncher", and would probably confuse 
>>people.  Here's it's code:
>>    #!/bin/sh
>>    #/usr/bin/winelaunch
>>    $1 `winepath $2 $3`;
>>    exit 1;
>>And here's a sample registry entry:
>>    REGEDIT4
>>    [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.doc]
>>    @="docfile"
>>    "Content Type"="application/ooowriter"
>>    [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\docfile]
>>    [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\docfile\shell]
>>    [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\docfile\shell\open]
>>    [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\docfile\shell\open\command]
>>    @="/usr/bin/winelaunch /usr/bin/openoffice %1"
>>Although icons don't display properly, it does open the attachment in 
>>Lotus Notes.
>>- <mailto:Tres.Finocchiaro at gmail.com>Tres.Finocchiaro at gmail.com
>- <mailto:Tres.Finocchiaro at gmail.com>Tres.Finocchiaro at gmail.com
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