[Wine] Games for Intel graphics

Endre Oma endre.88.oma at gmail.com
Wed Jan 30 16:38:22 CST 2008

Anurag Mishra wrote:
> Age of Empires 2 and Counter Strike work fine with version 0.9.48 and 
> before( b4 wine defaulted to OpenGL thing). We'll I'm the guy Alexander 
> has been referring to, and I will file the bug once I get off with my 
> exams. 

Okay, I understand. I've installed wine-0.9.48 and were successful in 
running stronghold v1.4 demo 
(http://downloads.gamezone.com/demosfiles/t3270.htm), which didn't run 
under wine-0.9.49.

While trying to investigate the git log (gitk), what should I keep 
looking for? The GLSL was introduced in 0.9.49, some specific functions 
I would want to understand (I have no knowledge of the windows api)? 
Disabling GLSL under wine-0.9.49 gave no special errors than the 
ordinary, while wine-0.9.54 complained about dsound 
(dsound:DSOUND_MixOne Fatal error), still no graphics.

With GLSL disabled, HOMM3 works under wine-0.9.48, not wine-0.9.49 and up.

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