[Wine] Installer Requires Administrator Priviledges

Chris Roberts cjr at tridentgarages.co.uk
Tue Jul 1 14:12:28 CDT 2008

On Tuesday 01 Jul 2008, Forester wrote:
> Installation of my app gets as far as a message from SetupMgr that reads:
> > You do not have administrator priviledges on this machine.
> > Setup cannot continue.

I wonder whether the .wine folder got created when you were installing your 
Windows app as sudo, and perhaps your .wine folder now has the wrong 
permissions?  Try opening a command prompt and typing...

$ cd
$ ls -al | grep wine

Output of that command on my system:
drwxr-xr-x  4 chris  chris           4096 2008-06-29 20:06 .wine
              ^^^^^  ^^^^^
              owner  group

... and have a look at the owner and group of the directory - it should be 
your username repeated twice - if it's "root   root" then you have a problem.  
You should be able to (substituting "chris" for your username):

$ sudo chown -R chris:chris .wine

Alternatively if you don't mind starting from scratch, simple remove 
your .wine folder.

Obviously if you are using a different folder than .wine change above 

Chris Roberts

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