[Wine] Re: the specified Windows directory is not accessible

quick30 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Jul 2 14:22:51 CDT 2008

I tried to run it as a user; not a superuser (or root).
I think i only had a terminal open to make it possible to change some settings to a directory in order to make it accessible to all users who belong to the group "games". Come to think of it I must have run winecfg in the root terminal in stead of a normal user terminal. :(

So now i deleted the ~.wine directory. After that i ran wine as user ONLY. [Rolling Eyes] 
Immediately after i started the command an new wine directory is made. I think my problems are solved because i don't get any of the errors of before.
thanks people! a stressfull time has ended.  :)

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