[Wine] Sins of a Solar Empire: strange graphics offsett

Jochen blackdrag at gmx.org
Thu Jul 3 07:11:46 CDT 2008

Hi all,

I am currently playing around with Sins of a Solar Empire 1.05, usually
I simply start the game in compiz, which works more or less good. I now
tried the game without compiz, but the result was kind of strange. The
screen remains black in the upper third. It is as iff there is some kind
of offsett that is used to raw the graphics. And it is raqlly only the
prahics of the game, the mouse cursor can be moved in the black area
without problem. In fact to press a button in the game you actually have
to do that, because for the mouse, there is no such offsett.

This means without compiz the game is for me not playable. Anyone having
an idea? The output seems not to be different.. at last diff didn't find 
anything imoprant... only multiple lines of the form:

  fixme:d3d:IWineD3DVolumeImpl_LockBox (0xcba0660) : pBox=(nil) stub

which do exist in both logs, but the adresses are different.

bye Jochen

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