[Wine] uninstall and (.msi files)

K4Z00 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Jul 3 17:01:35 CDT 2008

installed a program that initially worked ok, but has recently started misbehaving. on trying to uninstall it with the wine uninstaller, it just won't go. in fact the uninstall wizard just seems to install the program again, even if i delete it from program files.

i have tried to delete all it's associated files etc. but then when trying a fresh install the wizard must still see the original installation, as it only offers modify/remove/repair. i notice in the wiki that the wine uninstaller "does not work with programs installed with a .msi file". and there is a .msi file associated with this program.

so the questions. 
1. how can i completely uninstall this program, and all it's associated entries?
2. is it ok to delete the temp folder just as in windows?
3. what stops the program from being totally uninstalled?


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