[Wine] Two Questions

Karl Krelove karlkrelove at verizon.net
Fri Jul 4 12:10:09 CDT 2008

I apologize if this is a duplicate - my mail program defaulted to a
different email account from the one I registered with this list. I
haven't seen a "bounce" message (that it was rejected by the list
because the address isn't subscribed), but the message hasn't appeared
in my mailbox , either, so I'm resending from the correct subscribed

As a newbie to Wine, I have two quick questions:

1. Is there a way to search the over-all archives by topic (subject)
rather than by opening each month's gzip?

2. I'm running an up-to-date Hardy Heron Ubuntu desktop with wine 1.1.0.
I'm trying to run MS Money 2007, which is one of two or three programs
that still have me tied regularly to Windows. It installed in wine with
no problem, but when it starts it automatically goes to the MS website
(or mayber MSN) to look for updates. Eventually, when I move my data
file over from my Windows machine, it will also automatically log onto
MSN for price quotes on the mutual funds I have set up. As of now, it's
displaying a window saying that it's searching for software updates. It
never completes the search. The window never closes, and it has no
closer buttons (no X in the corner and no Close option in the window's
menu), effectively stopping the program. I can kill it, but it won't run
any farther than this attempt to find updates. Is this an
Ethernet/Internet problem in wine or is it a known MS Money problem? Any
suggestions on how to get it to connect with the source it's searching for?

Thanks in advance for any help.


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