[Wine] Re: This .exe must have KEYBOARD.COK in the DATA folder

nonc wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Jul 4 18:08:47 CDT 2008

ok, well that was for more different than i was expecting

my username is not user - i changed it so that its not so easy to work out my first name.

anyway - i cd'd through, it changed my resolution, and then tried to play the intro movie. it didnt do very well at this, as it only managed to play about the first two seconds and then i think i had to wait for it to try to play through and then took me to the main menu

i then was able to play the game, and from what i can remember from playing it all those years ago, it worked fine and all the controls were okay. but it did freeze on me about 2 minutes in, at which point i ctrl-alt-backspaced out of it okay

it did look like there was some terminal output, which i shall try to grab now.

oh and the sound didnt work, but im gonna put this down to pulse audio. will change the settings on my next attempt, see what happens.

ps thanks for the quick reply


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