[Wine] New install not working

perryh at pluto.rain.com perryh at pluto.rain.com
Sat Jul 5 22:10:05 CDT 2008

> > > There are number of bugs for Wine not working on *BSD ...
> > > in most cases there is nothing Wine can do - it's the OS
> > > limitations that cause all the problems.
> > 
> > Is there a list of those OS limitations somewhere?
> > ...
> You can search bugzilla for the  list of FreeBSD bugs ...

Unfortunately, at my level of (un)familiarity with Wine, it's not
at all clear which of those are caused by problems in FreeBSD, or
what those underlying problems are.  Some have comments indicating
they also happen in other OS, thus presumably not caused by "OS
limitations" (or at least not by limitations unique to FreeBSD),
and some seem to happen on old FreeBSD releases; but I found only
two comments (in 12839 and 13607) to the effect of "this happens
because FreeBSD can't handle thus-and-such."  (WRT those two, the
iphlpapi issue is already being worked on and may have been fixed
in FreeBSD 7.0, and ZFS cannot be a factor for me because I'm not
using it.)

Based on the description in 13526 it looks as if some FreeBSD Wine
users are getting a whole lot farther than I am.  For that matter,
I was getting quite a bit farther before upgrading to 1.0.r4.

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